Setup your pull list

Learn how to sign in and manage your own comic subscriptions, all online!

Create your account at the Account page then head over to the Subscriptions page to see all available titles. Once your account is created, you can browse and subscribe to anything you like.

Check out this video for more information!

Head over to our subscriptions page here, and you'll be able to browse through all new items as they're released in the Previews Catalogue.

Items show up well ahead of their release date, and you have until the FOC (final order cutoff) to get a pre-order or subscription title added to your list to make sure we can get them in for you on time.

Once you've curated your list, you're all done! Feel free to contact us or we'll reach out to you to decide which shipping/delivery option works best for you.

Check out this video for an in depth look at the process!

The Details

Shipping, payments, special orders... all in one handy spot!

Subscriptions are delivered the first Thursday of every month in the following regions:

- Kitchener
- Waterloo
- Cambridge
- Guelph
- Hamilton

If you need delivery outside these areas, or an alternate delivery schedule, please Contact Us.

Based on your total amount of subscribed totals, you'll have a sliding discount rate of 5% at 5 titles, 10% at 10, and capping out at 15% at 15 subscribed titles.

All our comics also come with a free bag and board.

Every week as your books come in you'll receive an invoice by email with a link to pay online with everything that came in for you that week.

Once your invoice has been paid, we'll co-ordinate getting them to your door!

If you're not interested in subscribing to a title, but you just want a one off, or maybe a certain graphic novel, you can submit a pre-order the same way you'd subscribe to a title. Pre-orders will be approved per item as you place them.

For special orders like variants or alternate covers, they'll be approved and priced on a case by case basis.

We're online only, so delivery and shipping is the only option.

You can regularly find us at markets and conventions, so if you'd like to co-ordinate pickup at one of those please reach out!