Batman #181 - CGC 3.0

Batman #181 - CGC 3.0
Batman #181 - CGC 3.0

Batman #181 - CGC 3.0

Featuring the first appearance of Poison Ivy (Pamela Lillian Isley). 

Pin-up by Infantino and Anderson.

Published in June of 1966 by DC Comics.

Graded by CGC at a 3.0.  Cover detached. Off-white to white pages.

Robert Kanigher and Gardner Fox stories, Moldoff, Giella and Greene art and Carmine Infantino, Murphy Anderson cover.

Grader Notes

Bottom Spine Large Spine Split
Right Bottom Back Cover Medium Crease Breaks Color
Right Top Front Cover Medium Tear with Crease
Staple Multiple Cover Detached
Top Front Cover Small Multiple Tear with Crease Breaks Color

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